Yii as RPM

I just managed to package the latest version of the Yii framework as an RPM for easy site-wide installation: yii-1.1.10-0.1.el6.noarch.rpm I’d like to hear your input on this. Needless to say, this is a very early version.

yiic has been linked into /usr/bin for convenience. Apart from that, no system modification will take place, the entire framework will be seated under /usr/share/yii. I plan to link yii.php and yiilite.php into /usr/share/php, so they’ll be reachable by PHP’s include_path. The only dependencies being pulled in by the RPM are php and php-pdo. All database-dependent RPMs (php-mysql etc) and cache facilities (php-pecl-apc) will fall into your responsibility. This RPM should be good for Fedora, RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. Mandriva might be good, too.

If you’re interested: The .spec is now on github B)

v0.2 is here. Mostly minor tweaks. yii.php and yiilite.php are now linked into /usr/share/php (which should be in PHP’s default include_path).