Yii applications to give away!!

Hello all,

someone created a post about buying Yii applications. I have created the following applications with Yii,

  1. e-commerce application

  2. email application

  3. message application

  4. social networking application (abit like facebook)

  5. gaming application

  6. business directory application

  7. Job posting and forum applications.

I am thinking of giving some of the applications away. eventho i have only started learning yii about 1 to 2 weeks ago, i do have experience in prado and .net and so i was able to instruct my programmers to create applications using yii.

I also have some documentations to give away but i need to know what you intend to do with my apps and documentations. Let me know if you are intersted. This is a serious post NOT a spam.


Why not release your applications as Open Source?

i feel you do not understand the trouble of releasing applications as open source.

Why would that be a trouble…

Yii is open source :)

why don’t you realse one yourself and see if you got the time to maintain it? :-*


why don’t you put it up on http://github.com (or something similar) and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it, because if it’s good, somebody else will :)


Exactly. That’s why I suggested Open Source.

haha okay. I will try post some Yii modules on the forum.

ummm you know Yii just 2 weeks and you build all of this ? :)

haha…i was thinking the same thing.

Some robust Yii projects like this would be great to have open sourced as it would provide the “next-step” examples for people who’ve completed the blog tutorial and are looking for more.

I think it’s a great idea to release the applications as examples.