Yii 2 Public Preview Available

[color=#222222][font=Arial, sans-serif][size=2]We are very pleased to announce that Yii 2 is now available for public preview at GitHub. This is a major milestone during the Yii 2 development which was started more than two years ago and has since undergone complete rewrite.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#222222][font=Arial, sans-serif][size=2]Note that Yii 2 is still under heavy development. We may introduce significant changes without prior notices. So please do not use it for production.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#222222][font=Arial, sans-serif][size=2]We sincerely invite you to review and play around the code, and give us feedback. We also welcome you to participate in developing Yii 2.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#222222][font=Arial, sans-serif][size=2]You may keep an eye on the following Yii 2 resources:[/size][/font][/color]

  • Yii 2 code repository
  • Yii 2 issue tracker
  • Yii 2 design discussions

I know it is childish, but: forked 1st! :lol:

To get started asap:

  • don’t bother about the requirements checker, it’s still missing

  • use yii2/app (nice look) or…

  • use "yiic app/create" instead of "yiic webapp" to create own app (very basic)

  • index.php of created app needs some modifications


  • fix “require DIR.’/../framework/yii.php’;”

(for me it’s “require DIR.’/../yii2/framework/yii.php’;”)

  • fix “dirname(DIR).’/protected” (2x)

(for me it’s “DIR.’/protected”)


@qiang & team:

Thanks a lot! Bet there will be coming in some stuff this weekend. :D

By the way, you prefer issues? Pull requests? Forum threads? Guess there will be lots of small things…

Still can’t believe it!

Will be looking it all night long, baby! :rolleyes:

Thanks all the team!!!


happy to learn that !

gr8 effort and work by Yii team.

So clean, simple, straightforward. I liked how the user model and the identity are integrated.

Congratulations on this milestone, guys!

Oh, Really! ::)

Is there any API Doc or manuall?:blink:

Not yet. There are, of course, very good phpdoc comments in each file. Additionally there are doc sketches in /docs/.


So I guess for Bugs/Features create issues on github, for (major) design issues discuss in forums.

Wow, that’s a nice surprise for the weekend. I’m going to have a look.

great news !! can’t wait to have a look to the future of Yii !!

Thank you all


Yay! Just forked to take a look at it and give it a try :)

I think it would also be nice if a working demos was posted for users to preview, that can help to get faster feed backs from non developers.

We appreciate all your hardwork guys. :)

There is, check out the app folder, place that in your web directory and you can get a bootstrap themed Yii app.


[font=“Franklin Gothic Medium”]awesome :lol:

now yii come with bootstrap :)

and the active record is easier now :)

yii = a wonderful framework indeed !


It looks really good. I look forward to being able to switch to this (eventually).

Sweet. Around 100 forks in two days, a contribution of Rasmus Lerdorf, lots of feedback, issues and PRs… Must have been a busy weekend for you core devs. ;)

Any resumé? You think this all is going to the right direction, or do the many different ideas from all the people distract you from the work you intended to do?

Wanted to say thank you for your great work! Not only on the framework, but also regarding your presence on github and here in the forums. Really great to see you participating and commenting on every suggestion and idea that comes up.

That is really a good new, we are waiting for so long, chears! ::)


Personally I think public preview release went very well. All these issues are fun to solve at this stage since we want to stabilize core a bit and get feedback before proceeding on our way to alpha, beta and release.

wow big surprise.

@Ben: yeah, it was a super busy weekend for me. I’m very glad to see the great response. Thank you all for issue reports, PRs. They’re all what we would like to see.