Yii 1

I saw that a new extension was released today for Yii 1 - and I keep hearing newbies starting out with Yii using Yii 1…

It surprises me !

Why are so many people sticking with Yii 1 ?

When Yii 2 is so much better?

Is it because of namespaces and Composer ?

Or is it because you guys are dinosaurs?

I am genuinely curious: why are you using Yii 1 instead of Yii 2 ? :)

Since I started to port my old Yii projects to Yii 2, I haven’t looked back.

I don’t even want to look at Yii 1 code now.

One thing that I absolutely love is namepaces and Composer - so much better ! :lol:

Yes, I admit that I was experiencing panic when I initially took the first steps into the Yii 2 territory, but it passed. And I survived.

A lot sooner than I anticipated, I might ad.

So, guys: why? :)

I am not referring to those of you who have a larger codebase using Yii 1 - that is a very valid reason for sticking with it.

I am talking about a large group of people, who - for some strange reason - chooses to learn Yii 1 today (and not Yii 2).

I am also talking about the folks who continue to write blog posts, wiki articles, etc. about Yii 1 (and not Yii 2).

When I think to Yii2, I see mainly these aspects:

  • modern approach to OOP with namespaces;

  • modern approach to extensions and modularity, using composer;

  • simplified approach to create sub applications (I think to advanced templates) inside the same application;

  • simplified approach to create API resources;

  • simplified approach to create documentation;

  • improved approach to ActiveRecord and DataProvider;

So, as you, I don’t understand how people continues to support Yii 1, but I think because they have many projects based on Yii 1. This could be the only reason to continue with version 1.

Good points :)

Yes it is probably one of the reasons that people have not upgraded yet: the technical debt.

And perhaps people don’t want to step outside of the comfort zone…

It does look like, though,that the Yii 1 people are shy…

A pity because I would like to know why. ;)

My website is build with Yii 1 and I won’t change to Yii 2 because it would be too much hassle.

I think the only reason to use Yii 1 for new projects would be if using a shared hosting environment.

I have a few Yii1 projects but now mainly use Yii2 because of… almost everything (security, speed, features). As others said, we still have a few Yii1 projects because of code itself (can’t change it now).