Yii 1.1 Validators Cheat Sheet


I wonder why nobody else did write this earlier ;)

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PS: License: Public Domain

Very nice! Thank you for sharing!

How about using zebra stripes to better separate different validators?

Also it will be good to separate different validators. Maybe with horizontal lines?

Hmmm, my upload quota of 500K is almost full … that’s not much these days ;)

So the "zebra" version with alternating backgrounds is here http://docs.phundament.com/pub/YiiValidators%20CheatSheet.pdf

hmm… I couldn’t find the setting to adjust user attachment quota…

Can I put this file onto the document page for people to download? Thank you for nice job!

This is very good. For the documentation page I think it would be great if we had an html version of this too

Cool, thanks Schmunk!

@Qiang: For sure - put it on the docs page, I feel honored ;)

Qiang, whereabouts is it being put? Also, where did that other Yii Cheat Sheet end up?

How about here http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/ ? ;)

Still not perfect. Look at other cheatsheets out there. There are really friendly colors, fonts etc.

Thanks! It will be very useful!

Here’s the ODS File (OpenOffice Spreadsheet), feel free to colorize it.

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Yeah, it would be cool if you could include some special parsers to CApiCommand.

So cheatsheets could be generated from simple functions, maybe with nice jQuery add-ons … just thinking loud.

Thanks, will play with it.

Would be nice to have a single set of cheat sheets. Samdark if you play with it, maybe you could also merge the other one we have and add some missing stuff?

E.g. i always have to look up how the arguments differ between CController::createUrl() and e.g. CHtml::link(). Both are not contained in the cheatsheet yet.

Glad to see these efforts!

Updated with colors and fonts: 473



Thanks! I have added the file to the doc page.