Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook

Today Pack Publishing announced the second book about Yii so I think I can finally post some info here.

  • Publisher: Packt Publishing.

  • Language: English.

  • 13 chapters and ~300 pages.

  • Planned release date: September 2011.


  1. Under the Hood

  2. Router, Controller, and Views

  3. AJAX and jQuery

  4. Working with Forms

  5. Testing Your Application

  6. Database, Active Record, and Model Tricks

  7. Using Zii Components

  8. Extending Yii

  9. Error Handling, Debugging, and Logging

  10. Security

  11. Performance Tuning

  12. Using External Code

  13. Deployment

Book support website

Official announcement and RAW program allowing you to get access to current versions of fist 6 chapters

this is awesome! can’t wait. good job Samdark.


Very good job Samdark… I mean it :)

Great news!

One step closer to world domination. :lol:

Congratulations, Samdark! Very impressive.

Excellent news !!

really can’t wait till read it !!

many thanks Samdark

Great work Samdark…

This book is a great addition for the Yii community… and it will greatly help users to write better code with Yii…

I ordered both the ebook and placed a pre-order for the book, too.

Seems really promising! ;)

Awesome! Really curious about the second Yii book :)

Too bad I have to wait till September 2011…


You can get first 6 chapters subscribing to RAW program. There aren’t final but, I hope, good enough.

Thank You samdark! ^_^

I’ll order this one, too.

Congratulations, Alexander!

The book should be mentioned in the book section too:


Thank you for a very good effort! I hope this one can be better than the first Yii book.

The first Yii book was for newcommers to Yii… this one will be a cookbook - for more advanced uses of Yii…

Just pre-ordered the multi-format version… for some reason the packtpub website is not showing me the RAW ebook version to download it, but I already contacted them.

Thanks, and keep up the good work :rolleyes:.

EDIT: Packtpub support is really good, they already solved my problem. BTW, Packtpub’s got some great deals going on right now…

Nice Job, I purchased eBook and Printed copy.

I think that’s mentioned at Packt book page but anyway:

So you have a chance to get both books about Yii with a 50% discount.

finally !!

I purchased the eBook and i believe this book will really help me to step into the next level of Yii development.

Examples, ideas and solutions are great and straight without unnecessary stuffing.

thanks for this great addition to Yii community.

This book will help a lot of users: beginners and advanced programmers. Congrats Alex. Excellent job.


nice job! I’ve bought it with the raw program and looking forward for the finished version :)