Xmas Time

I know it has nothing to do with development nor to PHP. Qiang or any moderator could easily delete this post afterwards… but feeling part of this network I would like to express my wishes to all of you, to have a great Xmas time, together with your family.

This is not a religious wish, is a wish for all of you to spend good quality time on holidays, a time that we all tend to get together with family and friends.

For those who are not with your family or friends, also my wish for goodness and health.

Sometimes us programmers, tend to forget the outside of the computer life, be this a reminder that we are all humans :)

Happy holidays to all of you Yii-ers!


The same for you

Ps: Loved the video :D

Merry Xmas to all Yii members!!!

LOL :lol:

Merry Christmas!


Awesome tube - I’ve just shared it on Ogre3d.org. :)


Indeed cool video.

Merry christmas everyone. Have some nice days.

‘Outside’ is a myth, just like ‘Dry Land’.

Merry Christmas! Wewt!

Merry Christmas to all of you !!!

Marry "geek" Xmass


Wish everyone Merry Christmas :D

Hi Antonio!

Thanks, some to you, all the best :)