wiki yii delete

the page wiki about YII is delete :(.


anybody know about it.

i read comment :P


That’s a shame. I guess it’s due to Wikipedias “reliable sources” policy.

They deleted PRADO too. A few other PHP frameworks have been nominated for deletion.

other framework too…bad thing. thank’s for information

I don’t get it. It seems to me they (the Wiki Admins/Mods) have to much free time. Check the “discussion” on this page: :rolleyes:

Wow. Are these guys serious? That’s sad :confused:


Don’t take it too seriously.

Despite the fact that project site would definitely enjoy the flow of some Pagerank (Wikipedia has great forces in terms of link power), it doesn’t actually help us in any way.

If you guys really feel sorry about this deletion, help us make a change: tell your coworkers about Yii, write a short article in your blog, tweet about it, run up & down in your city with Yii-titled T-shirt, etc. :)

It’s just not fair. I didn’t even heard of Kolibri, Garden or Agavi - yet they’re still in there and from what I can tell not marked for deletion. Also pretty strange to me that PRADO + Yii got removed basically at the same time.

In german Wikipedia PRADO is still active, no article for Yii yet. I may do that when I have some spare time.

Mark them.

This is because I supported Yii saying it was the successor of PRADO, so they discovered the PRADO page and deleted it too.

Heh, there seem to be a lot more articles that would be good candidates for deletion. I mean, if they delete PRADO and Yii, why is this still in wikipedia? :)


can’t we just create another one? I donno maybe YiiFramework or something like that ///

or it’s just not worth it (if they’ll delete that one also)

I always thought Wikipedia was an Open thing!?


Sure, but that doesn’t mean, they want to have an article for everything. I’ve read a little in their policies and must say I can understand that they only want notable things in there with reliable sources to ensure good quality of the articles. So as pestaa sayd, all we can do is spread the word about Yii - and maybe write a book ;)

I think (and I hope I’m not mistaken) there are 2 books coming out. Somebody was mentioning it on the forum about a month or two ago …

I still feel this a little harsh. The forum is very active, we have tons of posts every day, more than 2500 registered users etc … we even have a Radiio station!!! ;) hehe

But yes, spreading the word never hurts. I meet with PHP developers in my area once a month. They never even heard of it :confused:


Wikipedia content must be “notable”, so Yii have to be “notable” in order to be accepted. So… let’s write books or many magazine articles on Yii and it will be acceptable.

Moreover, when you see "not notable" articles on Wikipedia, do tag them for deletion. And I really hate spamming behaviour of people like Kohana framework devs, who clearly use Wikipedia as a way to promote their product and forget Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.

This is harsh, when did Kohana devs spam their article on Wikipedia?

They created an article on Kohana which is not notable as it does lack the notability requirements, but it survived from the deletion request because they have their small group of fans who support Kohana in the deletion request discussions. Please note the Kohana article was already deleted previously and they created it again.

What burns me is the complete removal of Yii from the php framework page too.

But yet silver stripe which was only a CMS and then forked into two separate projects labeling the one a framework is right up there.

Funny one of the external links ranks YII in the top 10

I think the best way to get more attention is what pestaa suggested earlier. Spreading the word …


There’s a printed book about Silverstripe, this is a good point for the notability requirement.

Interesting how things going with the Wiki. In Germany there is a big talk going on. On the current donate-timeline, like hundreds of people donated 1€ with comments like "Comment deleted - not relevant" and so on. Also someone is already about to establish a fork of the MediaWiki project with build in GIT support.

I guess if nothing changes mod/admin-side, we may see a new Wiki project sooner or later.