why waiting after registration ?

i’m frustrated in learning yii,

if something (i.e. a link) is not found where it should be :

learning with yii-docs proceeded until page 14 :

there’s no link for the model generator on the generated site

as described…

so i visited the forum and had to registrate…first break in learning process !

then i had to wait for confirmation by mail…second break…

then i had to WAIT 10 minutes …third and longest break !

have u ever tried to learn by docs or howto’s ?

every break raises frustation about the project !

the problem is unsolved anyways…

What do you mean by "no link for the model generator on the generated site"? Where exactly the link should be? Where it should point to?

These confirmations and pauses are preventing forum to be spammed and doing it good. Of course, there’s a price to pay but it’s relatively small compared to useless spammed forum.

s/he talking about This Post :)

the link - so it seems by words in yii-docs - should appear on the generated site

do you see my postings as spam ?

no , that is not meant this way, i’m just looking for a good php-framework,

and found the meaning on web sites, that yii is the best against cake, symfony ,…

my idea againt breaking mind in learning process :

a special user-login published ONLY in the docs,

so newbee can read and post without the registration process for a certain time

i think that would honor people who learn by docs first to prevent posting unneccessary issues !

i’m sorry whether my english is not the best…

good days by wolf

from my point of view there are no unnecessary break.

you can access following without registration,

  1. Yii forum posts

  2. Yii guide

  3. Yii wiki

  4. Yii extensions and download it.

but for reply of forum posting and post new topic you must had to register, this is the only way to identify user

and welcome to Yii.

I personally don’t give a flying f*** about your good intentions, and the fact that you might be offended by the number-of-posts rule.

Just get over it.

As long as it means that our forum is not getting to be overrun by spammers.

Desperate times, desperate measures.

Just so that you know what I’m talking about:

A spam-bot can automatically ruin this entire forum by posting 1000 or more posts.

Or it could be creating 1000 new accounts, each with a post with links to something spammy and/or NSFW.

I know how hard it is to clean up after those bastards…

rwolf, sorry about trouble with the forum posting but currently we have no other way to prevent spam.

OK. I think spam part of this topic is covered enough.

Now about the documentation issue. I’m still not sure which documentation you’re referring to. I guess it’s PDF of the definitive guide, page 14 downloaded from http://www.yiiframework.com/download/ (yii-docs-1.1.10.r3566.zip, yii-guide-1.1.10.pdf).

On page 13 there’s all the info about setting up Gii. If the problem is with setting up the website itself at http://hostname/testdrive/ then you should re-read pages 7—13.