Which PHP framework is more suitable for an enterprise projects?

Our company decided to create an enterprise project (a warehouse management web application). Now my responsibility is to choose the best php framework that has great support and features to do this project. During the past week I researched some popular php frameworks (laravel, yii, symfony, zend framework) but I want to make sure which one is best suited for this work. Can anyone help?! The features that are most important are long term support, reliability, almost easy to learn (but we are not beginner in php), good documentation, scalability and stability.

Any of the frameworks named will do.

Yii, Symfony and Zend have proven track record for LTS releases. Laravel announced LTS (not so long term compared to what Yii did in the past) but haven’t proved it yet (previous releases were immediately discarded). Reliability, docs, stability is OK in the named ones. Easy to learn is about Yii and Laravel. Scalability is more about how your app is designed than about framework. All the frameworks you’ve named aren’t preventing you to scale.