Which license to use? Apache 2.0

I am working on a new open source based customer relationship management (CRM) application called X2Engine that I plan to start posting on various open source sites in a few weeks.

After a few weeks of evaluating PHP frameworks we decided to build on top of the Yii Framework. BTW, thanks for a great framework!

My question is, I was thinking of licensing our code under the existing Yii Framework BSD license, but it seems like Google and others much prefer the Apache 2.0 license because they feel it is more clearly defined. I am fine with either license, but am leaning toward licensing our new code under the Apache 2.0 license. Provide we include the BSD license in the framework directory are we allowed to license our code under the Apache 2.0 license? Any recommendations on best practices, header file tips, etc…

Also, we use gii to generate models and controllers. Are these files automatically BSD licensed by default or can we license them under Apache 2.0?

Any thoughts much appreciated.


Google is primarily using either MIT or Apache.

I’d choose the first.

It’s a good license. ;)

AFAIK, Google has a preference for MIT over Apache - depends on the project in question.

Good to hear, I think I going to go with BSD…one license for the the full package will be much easier to implement in the headers.

I personally use the BSD 3-clause for my projects… just a matter of preference…

Yes you can license your own code with whatever license you like…

I usually include a LICENSE file with whatever license i chose inside my root directory