Where is Yii and the enterprise world?

It’s been 4 years since Yii went live and I must say that the guys behind the code are doing a fantastic job to make the lives of the rest easier and more fun. I’ve used Yii on all my projects and will continue to use Yii in my free time. Using Yii in my spare time is lots of fun but I think it’s time to take it to the next level, namely start using it in the office.

But where is Yii in the enterprise world?

After four 4 years of excellent development of this framework there are still at most 4-5 posts by companies looking for Yii developers on the IT boards worldwide especially the Western part of it (I am not talking about small freelance projects here).

Why do you think Yii is still struggling on that stage when it is such a great framework? When do you think Yii will be a major player on the IT scene? What is it still lacking?

bettor,its not lacking anything. it is the leading No.1 framework in PHP, and for web application development only this php-yii framework is satisfying all the features… check it on web…


It’s actively used by very large companies in Russia and Ukraine.

What is lacking in Yii to be adopted better by enterprise:

  1. Commercial support.

  2. Certification.

Somewhat agree with bettor…

still its used majorly in few countries ,though its excellent developed and best framework.

But good news is from eastern countries ( like India) now its getting popular and many small and big companies started using Yii.

@Rajith R:

It is the leading php framework in my and your eyes. But search in monster.com or any other job search platform. No posts for Yii - I don’t call this a leading framework.


You mentioned two very good points. What is the staff doing RE these points?

No posts can be because we have a good job board here ;)

These will be concerned after Yii2 release.

Here in Brazil, I began to see some companies requiring experience with Yii Framework for PHP programmer for their vacancies.

This is a good sign because it was once only or Zend Cakephp that were required.

Waiting for Yii2, hope some exciting features would be there in.

I think the yii community is small/inactive or rather the split up between 50 diffrent languages on the forum makes this forum active as a corpse. I read the forum, watch the site and hang in the live chat, but you could almost think based on what I see there isnt more then 100 yii users… which makes it look like yii is used alot less then it really is. And how active/big the community is a HUGE argument made on many places when comparing frameworks. that yii is faster, more modern etc ddoesnt matter at all unless it has a big community.

Though I must say, the parts of the community I’ve come across is awesome. friendly,helpfull people dedicating alot of time to it.

@sampa , I am totally disagree with you.

whats mean by [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]small/inactive?[/size][/color]


one thing let you know as on Yii forum board in Yii powered applications there are hardly 2-5% posting of developed sites from actual once.

due to agreement or other reason many users/companies not posted their Yii powered projects on board.

its my experience that me/many of my colleague developed site in Yii ( the number is in two digit ) but not posted on board.

but one thing that I agree with you is, Yii Community had to be bigger and stronger - and know will be in short time.

So, what framework has a larger community than Yii?

Examples, please.

CakePHP for instance, has (or at least had) only an effing mailing-list…

I can’t keep up with the amount of posts here, so it’s really active IMO.

One of the things which Yii lacks is a better extension repository.

I think we also need more books and tutorials online so we can spread the word about Yii. I definitely agree that we need better extension repository.

zend, codeigniter,drupal etc.

Its not suprising,yii is a new framework it will get better. But if you think yii is close to “active” is really weird. What places have you been hanging around at? And if you look around on the internet you’ll see its one of the things people bitches most about in discussions about yii.

Your argument is very invalid unless you say that people using yii is less likely to share knowledge/help others/provide extensions/give ideas then people using other frameworks.

I think that is highly unlikely, so the amount of things shared openly is probably an equal % of the total things done no matter what framework it is. So that one does not share anything is nothing but normal. It doesn’t effect my statement.

Zend, Codeigniter and Drupal are all frameworks which has been around forever.

Of those, only Codeigniter is close to being comparable with Yii.

I don’t know how much more active Yii can get before people will stop bitching about it being inactive.

That’s just how people are.

I’ve been hanging around in the CakePHP community, the Kohana community, the FuelPHP community and countless other comparable framework communities.

Actually, the community around Yii was one of the factors which led me to choose it over competing frameworks.

I’ve been a member of the Ogre3D community since 2004, and while it isn’t as active as the Yii community, it is widely regarded as if not the best open source community, then pretty darn close.

Quality beats quantity always.

Why worry about this at all?

As long as the quality of engagement is high, sod it.

I just meant it’s a reason mentioned alot, and why people dont use it for enterprise stuff… maybe.

And yes they have been around forever, but the still count dont they? You cant skip them in the comparision because they are older. It’s one of Yii’s weaknesses. It’s new and not as popular as the more famuous frameworks.

I think it will change, but it might take a while. Yii is so good that with some time the community will grow,which makes the framework more attractive etc…

I hang around on several local php/webdev forums(actually a section of larger forums with sections for like everything). And they are still more active even though posts are pretty random (mostly questions like general discussion part here).

I dont bitch about the community, I love it. But I still think many big companies chooses other frameworks because the community(and hence the amount of developers available is larger).

I dont believe the reason for why companies choose zend etc is because they are better then Yii…

I cant see any reason why Yii, as a framework wouldn’t fit enterprise projects, but If you gonna invest 1 million euro or something like that in a page, You probably want to be sure that there is ALOT of certificated developers available.

I think this problem will go away aslong as the dev team continue doing the same great job as the do now. More people will notice it, use it, love it and boom its a positive spiral effect.

It’s simple:

The Enterprise choose Zend because it is well-established, you can get certified Zend developers, Zend offers corporate support, etc.

The Yii Framework is a different thing entirely.

That said, there are a number of enterprise-like entities which does indeed use Yii.

Well that was exactly my point :P

The topic was “where is yii in the enterprise world” right?:P

Chive and myBB (which is under developement) is good examples.

My point was that, give Yii some time and we will see alot more big projects using yii.

Afterall I think Yii is the nr1 framework (my opinion when I consider all pros and cons ).

So my guess is sooner or later Yii will be the nr1 framework also in the enterprise world.

And I should say, even though I think the yii community is smaller, I think those active is really good. There is a few people doing alot of work and without them it would be hard :P

I choosed Yii to learn mvc,oop and how a framework works, and I have not regretted the choice ever. Quite the contrary, I have just been more and more satisfied with my choice. So I will do what I can to help because everybody, me included, would benefit from it. And I think many people have the same spirit.

A certification and the new 2.0 release will make wonders. Hopefully.

+1 on post #16, #20

So, do we really need a Yii certification scheme?

It is deliberately simple, so a certification wouldn’t be too comprehensive.

I understand why Zend lends itself to certification as the code base is much, much larger.

No, what Yii need is a more professional extension repository, and a new extension format which takes care of problems like asset publishing, migrations, upgrades, etc.