Where are the tutorials and docs

we are using symfony , and i just learn about yii. but it’s looks really really complicated to get in the modules, the extensions, the widgets… didn’t find any doc, tutorials (i don’t mean these you can make in 5 minutes … for beginners ) … it looks like it’s going to take a long long time to integrated this framework .

a guy from my team showed me this , and i just realize it’s going to take month to integrated the repositery cause the lack of docs and tutorials.

this makes yii a very bad framework

going back to symf.

As you haven’t written what doc have you found about Yii… I presume you did not found anything…

So the first step to get to know Yii is the Definitive Guide to Yii, after that you can try with Building a Blog System using Yii

If you follow those two tutorials (not just reading, but doing the app)… you will get all the basics of Yii…

After that all you need is in the Class Reference and you can check user contributed doc visiting the Wiki