When you're mired...

Hey, I’m writing this to hear some people with similar trouble :)

For about 3 years I’m in love with my project with Yii 1.1. I was really excited when I was working with a framework cause it brought me a fun.

Some time ago I’ve started a new project with Yii 2.0 and I felt the great power of it and discovered a lot of new cool features which I was missing upon 1.1.

Now I’m crying when I’m supporting the project on 1.1 because of feelings like you’re playing in RPG game with a knife while you have an artifact sword in your inventory :)

How do you deal with it?

Hi sl1p,

I think it’s partly because (or, mostly because) you are experienced.

IMO Yii 1.1 had some steepness in its initial learning curve, and that of Yii 2.0 is not less steep because it requires you to understand additional concepts like name space, composer, bootstrap, … etc.

I’m contributing to Yii 2 itself and doing lots of OpenSource or toy-projects to feel it in action. Takes time but removes that bad feeling. 1.1 is still a very good knife and it’s not a wise idea to upgrade in some cases.