When the new website?

As the topic i would like to see the new website design 'cause i love this framework. When will it be launched?

I hope to launch the new site when we formally release 1.1, which is scheduled to be in early January.

Besides the design change, I am rewriting the new site so that it has better support for cookbook and extension, etc.

Excelent news! Nice to hear things are going forward, unlike with ZenCart2 where developers made a first announcement about year a go and they are not willing to give status updates.

I’m looking forward to the new site, too!


Thats a great news for coming year.

Unfortunately, because I was busy with some other project, the new site won’t be ready until we release 1.1.1 (expect to be in February). Sorry for the delay.

Better to have things right rather than early.

march ? :)

April maybe? ;D

Qiang, may i suggest that you take on the community on this? I bet there’s a few of us willing to lend you

a hand and even a leg to do the job? :)

I hate to miss my promise once again. :( But there are many things right now that are competing for my time.

For the new website, right now I am stuck in the website design. I already got a professional logo and a nice homepage wireframe. Unfortunately, the designer that was working on the homepage design disappeared a few weeks ago. If anyone who is good at web page design can help, I would really appreciate it.

I would strongly suggest that you contact hex, I actually talked about this with him the other day and he even had some new ideas.

His only problem would probably be that he’s working a lot but you should contact him, he might have some spare time for it,

you never know. :)

Any update?