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Whats New on Yii 3.0?

(Mike Kimani) #1

Whats New on Yii3. that wasn’t on the other Yii versions? What should we expect? any performance improvements?

(Jiuly Rojas) #2

(Alexander Makarov) #3

Check UPGRADE and CHANGELOG to have some idea.

(Softark) #4

UPGRADE is a very loooong list.:scream:
Do you recommend the upgrading of the existing Yii 2 projects to Yii 3?

(Alexander Makarov) #5

Now? Definitely not. Later - maybe if you are going to develop these projects for next 5-10 years.

Even Yii 1.1 despite not getting any bug fixes or features, it still maintained security-wise and compatibility-wise so 2.0 will live for quite some time.

(Softark) #6

OK, I will probably try to rewrite my Yii 1.1 app from scratch using Yii 3.:v: