Yii 3.0 packages list

Yii 3.0 is more divided into packages compared to how it was in 2.0. That would allow us to make more independent releases and give contributors more permissions to maintain their packages of interest. To end users it would mean ability to use what they need for the current project i.e. REST API w/o any web stuff or console-only application.

Here’s the list of packages we have so far: Release Statuses | Yii PHP Framework


Congratulations to everyone who contributed to such breakdown. More people will use Yii components and library and … more freedom!

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What do we refer to the versions of those packages in the documents?

Currently they are called “xxxx for Yii 2” or “xxxx for Yii 2.1” in the guides since they have just been ported from the Yii 2 repos.

“xxxx for Yii 3” or just “xxxx for Yii”?

Just “For Yii”. We’re going to have Yii 3.0, Yii 4.0 etc. Since it’s SemVer, we’re going to move a bit faster than now and versions should be resolved automatically.

Are there any plans to include/develop a broadcast package? (e.g. for working with websockets, etc)

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By core team - no.

Can we work on to minimize yii db queries while using active record?

@samdark I can understand the decision to make different packages (contributors, complexity decouple, faster release cycle, etc.). But maybe on the other hand there are also other “component based” Frameworks which do the same already (Symfony for example) - so personally i like the option to install Yii Framework and everything i need is part of this bundle - Ajax, Views, Rest, Controllers, Database Abstraction. Pjax, Jquery. It is a very unique, fast and easy to integrate experience. (I am not even a fan of Jquery or Pjax - but the option to build things awesomely quick, is just a huge advantage).

Now i have to gather all the components i need and being hopeful latest releases does not conflict with existing other Yii dependencies.

So maybe it would be nice to read something about this on a strategic long term view regarding Yii Framework Project.

Edit: This should not be criticism, its more about to understand where Yii Framework will go, whats the vision, why decisions has been made like this :wink: Thanks for taking time.


Application template and composer would gather components for you so it’s not a problem. It still will be tested as integrated experience with backwards compatibility in mind (same as it is now w/ bootstrap or mailer). We’re making core a bit more divided into packages to be able to release and maintain these separately.


I agree with @nadario.

IMO, the success of Yii 1.x heavily depended on the fact that it was (and has been) a very good “one-stop” solution for developing web apps of small and middle size. With a little struggling effort that conquers the initial learning curve, you could easily develop a fully featured web app very easily and quickly. Even in these days, Yii 1.x seems to have a power to attract the relatively inexperienced developers than Yii 2 because of its self-containment and simpleness. I believe that the virtue of Yii 1.x should be kept and revived in Yii 3 especially for the expected new comers.

But I’m also very sure that we can not come back to the days when web apps were relatively simple and static. Yii 1.x is not suitable for creating a web app of today even if it could work with the latest PHP 7.x. I think that the steps taken to make Yii 2 as it is now has been a right decision. And splitting the framework into some core blocks in Yii 3 is, IMO, a good thing and inevitable.

I hope that the new application templates for Yii 3 will do what they should do.

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Shout us loud if they won’t :slight_smile:

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well its nice if we have demo some app(with script
) about how to, if there is a video guide its will be execellent! (just kidding).
some complete guide like how to use ajax(ajax is everywhere now), rest api, background proccess(queue, websocket, console exec, etc), load menu from database with sub sub menu(the example install the menu is hardcode), like how to can submit ajax form and the content auto update in view? some guide like how can i remove vagrant from composer install? and some other part vendor that i dont need it? orm with yii, do i needt it? do i need mongodb? nosql? and many more new feature webtools nowdays compare seven years ago when i learn yii 1.1, and all this how to guide must center in yii website, so easy to access and prove guide working well.
example of me, i follow the guide https://github.com/samdark/yii2-cookbook/blob/master/book/forms-activeform-js.md, i install new yii2 with composer and follow under head title AJAX form submission with server validation, copy and paste the code to new fresh yii2 install, run the site, but not working, the debug tool run to .fail() function, i search the forum but it seems no one discussing it, maybe my iq to low duhh
btw just my opinion

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You can already install Yii 3.0 app and it works (with some fails here and there).

Most of the info you’re requesting is kinds of specific and usually is placed into official wiki by both community and core developers: https://www.yiiframework.com/wiki

There are bugs in JS part of the active form in 2.0 that are mostly fixed in master. Maybe you’ve got one of these.

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Could not agree more. I am one of the Yii1 user who attract to Yii because of this.

But we couldn’t deny todays website development need simpler backend FW with more independent pacakages. I believe this separation of packages didn’t destroy Yii FW as one stop solution FW. :wink:

Top result at Google but with broken link. Can we fix it?

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Thanks for reporting. Fixed.

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