What Is Ur Originall Os Ur Using?

Hi there

I was play around the forum and saw somethings about gimp and …

So im so curious that whats ur base os that u r using?




Please also describe what version or distro u r using

Im using Windows 7

Windows 8.1 and MacOS.

I’m using windows xp

Really? As far as I know it’s not supported anymore and even not receiving security updates.

Windows 7

i like to use linux, but have a lot of problem with it like drivers, optimus graphic , etc… :(

for now im using win7

I am currently using linux. I use a distro called Linux Mint, and works really well

its about 2 weeks that im using linux too, Ubuntu 14.04 distro

yes its working really well

My link

Windows 8.1

Dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 & Windows 8.1, but been using the windows more frequently