What does your typical workday look like qiang?

Hey qiang, would you be so kind and tell all forum members what your typical workday looks like, as the creator of Yii  ;D

and also what is your development environment and equipment and of course your php framework of choice :)

My daily schedule goes like the following, very routine:

7-8am: replying forum posts.

9-6pm: daytime job

8-11pm: yii development, personal projects, playing games, etc.

I am using Dell XPS Studio 435 MT which is powerful enough for me to release Yii in very short time. ;) I throw big money in LCD (Dell 2407WFP), Keyboard (Microsoft X6) and Mouse (Logitech G9).

I mainly develop in Vista using a text editor called EmEditor (supports snippets like Textmate!)

What about you guys?

My workday starts at 7:30 and ends at 17:15. The first hour and a half I spend reading emails and going through some RSS feeds. Then I dig into Yii and the project I'm developing for the joinery and cabinet manufacturing company I work for.

I work on things for my own business after hours, but not everyday though. I'll write a helper class here and there, for future use in Yii, still learning so much about the framework.

I develop on a Acer Aspire 9303 17" CrystalBrite LCD Latop running Windows Vista Ultimate with a secondary 17" flat screen to keep my documentation on. I use NetBeans(just downloaded the latest nightly build for PHP today), MySQL query browser and Workbench and then publish to a office Linux server running Ubuntu 9.04 with FileZilla

Hi, this is my routine:

9am - 5pm: daytime job. I learn the most of yii in this time too, because my work is about web sites development. Then I chose this (very good) framework and develop the sites using it, at the same time I learn Yii…

On my free time I develop for myself (web sites too), obviously using Yii…

Also have time for my family (my wife, and very soon mi first son)

I develop in my work with a P4 2.8 Ghz, 2 Gb Ram, WinXP, and NetBeans.

But in my home I have "my precious": Athlon 64 x2 3200, 6 Gb Ram, 400 Gb Hard disk, WinXP, and Netbeans…

i develop/work with a fantastic acer aspire 8930 with a 18,4" full hd lcd :)

I use netbeans, mysql query browser, mysql workbench, unison on ubuntu

I've nice pc case called Thermaltake Mozart Tx with Intel Core2Duo 2.66Ghz, 8gb Ram, 1,5 Tb hard, Vista Ultimate.

I use AptanaStudio (now i want to try zend studio with zend server)

I have a similar schedule, but half away around the world from qiang.

8am - 6/7pm: day time jobs, long commute, 1.25 hours each way.

9pm - 12am: yii stuff and related work

Using putty on a ThinkPad T42, windows XP, connecting wireless to a headless server. Most development are done using vim on the server. Also using 'GNU screen' to attach and re-attach from multiple locations, e.g. start a session at home, re-attach to the same session elsewhere.

In the morning before work check out forum, work day, after check out forum.

I use various editor for various task but mainly notepad++ very similar to emeditor but free.

I have too many projects at work and my personal open source right now that I have not have time to develop anything in Yii yet just lurking for now.

I don't know where you guys are from but I am on GMT-8 time zone.

I forgot to mention my pc are mostly build by me from parts but my main machine is HP dv7


chanh, I don't know where you guys are from but I am on GMT-8 time zone.

I'm from South Africa


Using putty on a ThinkPad T42, windows XP, connecting wireless to a headless server. Most development are done using vim on the server. Also using 'GNU screen' to attach and re-attach from multiple locations, e.g. start a session at home, re-attach to the same session elsewhere.

Except for the T42 i pretty much share this setup. :)

My workday depends on the number of projects i'm working on. Usually i spend at least the time between 9am and 17pm in my office working on different projects and looking through the forums from time to time.

8-14h: job time. I'm designated to study a new PHP framework for job. Choosed Yii and i'm spendig this hours developing on Yii and accessing the forum to solve my doubts;

20h - 0h: Studying;

I use a notebook HP Pavillion DV6000 and Eclipse for developing.

Work hours are 9am - 6pm each day in web development.

Just began using Yii after trying several different frameworks that I didn't like for various reason. Started on my own project in Yii now to learn how to use everything.

My workstations and work and home are Intel 3Ghz machines (I think) running Kubuntu (with Fluxbox) with Eclipse used for most of my coding.

You guys are really good at schedul and focus on work !

I mainly use a PC which has a AMD 5200+ cpu and 4GB memory, the most important thing is, I use a 23" LCD(Dell S2309W).

Yeah, it's not as large as qiang's, but it's equal, right ?

I will learn from you guys about the schedul thing, it's really good to have a schedule.


I am freelancer. Mostly work at home. Basically my time spend with my family and my works, flexible, and plan-able.

I am using VMWare Workstation, running 2 VM when working, first is WinXP (development), second is CentOS (testing server). The reason using VMWare is in the case of notebook need to reformat, I do not need to resetup my development environment, just backup my vmware image file will do.

Using Dreamweaver (primary) and Netbeans. Always try to shift fully on Netbean but fail, because of missing the WYSIWYG feature, which help a lots when interface design.

Development machine is Dell Notebook, Vostro 1710 on T9300, 4GB Ram. Notebook is easier if going to other place. I have another Dell Workstation 2 Socket Xeon 5130, but just use it as secondary if development with PCI card is required.

When at home, I will connect using external Dell keyboard, and Dell 19in LCD monitor.


Hi all, nice to know you guys, and this thread rocks, so now we all know how well dedicated our Yii Creator.

Ok, so now I am jealous on you guys. My office is around 16 miles away from my house. And it took me about 1.5 hours max to get to my office, depends on the traffic of course, but mostly about 1.2 hours. So, going to the office and coming back home takes about 32 miles road trip everyday.

What amazes me the most is that most of you guys still have energy after office hours. That’s crazy! Please, please tell me what you guys eat or drink ??? Unless you smoke of course, I have a friend who smokes a lot, and believe me, he could work for 16 hours a day with only an hour of pause and killing his heart everyday without knowing it. (Well, I don’t smoke).

My schedule:

05:15 - 06:00 AM - On the way to the office

06:00 - 08:00 AM - Study new things, develop personal projects

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM - Daytime Job

05:00 PM - 06:30 PM - On the way home

06:30 PM - 08:00 PM - Dinner & Spend time with my beloved wife and daughter

08:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Develop Personal Projects, Learning again, Reading Computer Books till I fall asleep.

My OS:

At the office I develop under Linux & Windows. (Windows are more often though).

At home: Windows XP & Xubuntu (Got to love that hamster).

My Machine:

Nothing special, I usually work in fast computers, but on the other day I move to a old computers to test those developed applications, sometimes even in a very old computer that no one might not even using it again (poor me)…

Ok see you guys around, at least this thread has made my attention away a bit from my workloads.


I came up with the following schedule since I graduated:

6-6:20 - excercises

6:30-8:30 - my blog, personal projects

9:30-11:00 personal projects and blog again

11:00-19:30 work (I work remotely in a UK-based company, so my 11 AM is their 9 AM)

20:00-22:00 - family, personal projects

Sure, most of the personal projects are based on Yii :)

Up at 6:30am shower / change / read email / make coffee/lunch and off to work by 7:30am

7:30 - 8am walk to work

8-4 work java :(

4-4:30 walk home

4:30 - 6pm change / prepare & eat supper

6 - 8 pm various activities (gym / ultimate / groceries / house cleaning etc)

8 - ~10 My programming time

~10 - 12:30 Time with wife / Catch up on raptors games / other tv…

Congrats Pol I am also expecting my first boy in april, so some things are already changing… :lol:

My new PC is running windows 7pro x64, AMD 720 BE OC to 3.8 unlocked 4th core


Thank you!

Actually is a daugther and she born in September 21, 2009. (Here in Argentina is The Spring Day).

She is named Brisa.

qiang - How do you manage to get so much done in only 3 hours every day!?