What about the 56 open bugs?

Hi guys,

First of all, I like this framework, but I’m wondering why we have in github 56 opened bugs and many were posted 5 months ago. I try to understand why these bugs are so old and not yet been adressed. Is that because these bugs are classed “not important”?. Just wondering :).

Thank’s for your participation ;).

Just take a look at them.

If you can’t find any comments there, they will probably be in the old Google.code tracker as they were carried over.

They could be tickets for changes which breaks current code, and thus postponed, and/or they could be issues which requires more thought.

Just take a look. ;)

Some bugs are w/o enough info to address, some aren’t checked yet. If you have some free time you can help us.

Thank’s for your answers!

I’ll try to contribute in some ways when it will be possible.

Keep up the good work!