Website Down?

I write this message via a proxy. But with my normal internet connection I can not connect to anymore? Not from any computer. I can ping it and it response.

I’m from the Netherlands. What is going on?

It’s fine for me. And for others as well.

That’s weird. Google translate also works. Can I be blocked from the server? I visit the site a lot, maybe they put me on a blacklist? ;)

All toher internet sites work fine…

Never heard of that happening to anyone before.

Strange, for a moment i thought other sites gave me problems, but now all work except this website. Someone is playing with me :unsure:

Help, it still won’t work. Only via a proxy but that’s a lot of trouble every time. Browser says: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Tried everything, even a full reinstall of my router. No problems with any other websites.

Could it be that the server blocked my IP address? Some kind of auto black list? Because I use this website a lot from different kind of devices. Looking up all kind of info all day when programming. But now I can’t check class reference and forum anymore. :( :(

When I connect with telnet on port 80 i’ve got: network error: connection refused…

What is your IP address?

Thanks for looking into this. Thanks, it works again!. Was it on a blacklist on the webserver? And if so, how can I prevent this from happening again?

But I’m very happy I can checkout my fav website again! ;D