Web Hosting For Yii

hi, I want to know is there a best choice for web hosting if I write PHP/MySQL/YII. My situation is, I am new to PHP and Linux. I tried Amazon AWS first. I spent some time about FTP. Another some time about PhyMyAdmin. Then I got stocked about mail sending. Every time I tried send a mail from gmail, gmail told me someone tried to change my password (which means me)??!!

Therefore, one issue occurred to me. I still have to register a domain somewhere, and Amazon does not have the service. If I have my own domain and my mail server, I won’t have the problem blocked by gmail. Therefore, will it could be a better choice for me to use some service like:


1.cheap, 2.free domain, 3.phy and mysql(that is all I need), 4.large space, 5.good server performance (though shared). Will there be any problem or anything missing (if I use YII)? It is really very hard for me to stay in Amazon AWS (too much time in Linux), and I do need a domain. Any service provider has everything?

you can send email using your domain’s email address so that it can send smoothly

Thank you, but… I still need a domain for my web site. That is the point.