Wait For Yii 2.0, Or Not


I’m new at Yii. I have a very big project, and i will rebuild the hole system, a lot of new features etc. I have research frameworks and i made my decision - Yii is the coolest thing i have ever seen. Top 1 reason is performance :) I have developed 8 years with my own system - and i feel it’s time to change everything…

But there is a good question…

Project development time is around 8 months. I have zero knowledge about yii. And my question is: Is there any point to wait for Yii 2 and put all my forces to groundwork, or should i start firing now with Yii 1.1 :) When Yii 2 is coming, i do no want to develop again and again.

Sorry@spelling mistakes :)

I guess Yii 2 need 6 months for production release and also you will need time to learn, there are lots of details. I’m in same situation too. I have five e-commerce sites, I want to rewrite them with Yii. I decide to start Yii 1 and whene Yii 2 is ready, then go on Yii 2. Development never ends. Besided, you are new to Yii, even if Yii 2 is ready you will need ask or search lots of things but there will be no suffient resource or knowledge for Yii 2.

It’s better to start with current stable Yii 1.1. Especially for production projects.