vote for Yii

I found this article but didn’t see Yii there. So I checked and found this:

It hadn’t had any votes. Even Prado had 23 votes. NetBeans does have Symphony support, it has 500+ votes. I’m sure it’s not that much more popular than some of the others.

Show them Yii needs support too. If it’s added as a supported framework in NetBeans, it could give it a boost in popularity.

Frameworks that are added get automatic auto complete support for the entire API.

So vote here:

Voted. Thanks.

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This is an intuitive php framework easy to use and I am sure that its community

would be very glad to participate in this support.

What is the benefit of using Yii in Netbeans? My experience of Netbeans was that it was very slow when compared to a standard text editor, like Notepad++.

Maybe someone can shed some light as to why people prefer to use Netbeans? :unsure:

Someone once said "There is no silver bullet".

Everybody must use the tools he considers that are goods for him.

In your case that’s Notepad++.

For me slowness is just a circumstanial problem, and the Netbeans community and developper are aware of this (due to the scanning problem).

Now why one may consider to vote

  1. it could give Yii a boost in popularity as phazei said

  2. it may help those of us (yii community) that use netbeans


I actually use Notepad++ primarily myself. It is very fast.

If you want to see slow, try anything Eclipse based, like Zend Studio. Then go back to NetBeans and you’ll feel like it’s really fast.

I’m using it for this one project because I want to use it’s ability to consume WSDL files. Then I’ll be back with NP++. I would use NetBeans more often, but it has no zoom text feature which my vision requires. The request for that has been sitting there for 6 years…


I also voted!

I voted too…

Sorry to bring this topic up.

Just a reminder: as of 12-03-2010 there are 35 votes supporting Yii.

This is a very important increase.

If you like Yii, please vote.

37, thanks!

Woohoo, just hit 60.

Passed CodeIgniter and Smarty, now we’re only behind Zend Framework (120), CakePHP (149), and Symphony (565).

86 votes

The fourth most demanded request for enhancement.

I voted. :rolleyes:

I voted too :)

I voted too! Mine is 99th. :)

It would be good if we have GUI for designing view scripts.

Do they have a page where you can see the current votes for all requested frameworks?

Ah, thanks.

Btw, i don’t use Netbeans, but think about switching from time to time. What would “Yii support” actually mean? Code completion already works. What else should a IDE do?

Maybe it would help the Netbeans developers if we have a concrete feature wishlist?

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i do love Yii… it would be great to use it with my favourite IDE! :)


i voted too… but actually how would netbeans support Yii?

Finally got around to loading up NetBeans 6.8 myself - this is rad!

I was not aware that there was a PHP IDE that would actually “understand” PHP code. I’ve used Eclipse in the past, and it was a pain in the neck - more of a burden than a help, really.

I’m a fast typer and not a big fan of autocomplete, which tends to get in the way of typing fast - but the ability to look through the embedded framework documentation within the IDE is a fantastic feature!

I have a lot of components written up for Yii at this point, and it’s starting to be more or less impossible to memorize all the different interfaces. Now I don’t have to look back through the code I wrote to figure out method names etc. - this could be a real timesaver :slight_smile:

One peculiar side effect is that it picks up “yiilite.php”, which means that most of the methods in the classes of that file show up twice. Any idea how to work around that? I couldn’t find any way to remove the file from my project… Maybe I need to read the manual :wink: