VirtualBox instead of VM Player/Server for Yii Appliance

I think linux users prefer VirtualBox. It’s one command far. (sudo aptitude -y install virtualbox)

I’ve had issues with VMWare breaking after kernel upgrades and failing on re-compiles. I have one remaining VMWare environment. Everything else is running in VirtualBox.

My home pc runs Windows 7 (because I like my adobe fireworks too much) and windows just seems to work better with VMWare. At work I run Ubuntu with Virtualbox for sandboxing a few different development setups.

I like that I can drag and drop files in and out of VMWare Player - that makes it so much easier to work with…

But then I really like snapshots in Virtualbox (and don’t want to fork out for paid VM at home as usage is way to low to warrant it).

So it’s horses for courses. Apart from not being able to get some distros to run in VMWare without some fiddling

Hi, I prefer a lot VirtualBox over VMware. VirtualBox is much more "lighter" than VMware and is very stable (VMware also it is). I use VirtualBox in Linux and in Windows, in both cases to run a Linux development virtual machine. The reason to run a Linux virtual machine over a Linux phisical host is to have an isolated and portable development environment.

+1 to VirtualBox!



The only reason to prefer VMware Player over VirtualBox is drag 'n drop support.

VirtualBox 4.2 Beta 1 has drag 'n drop support from the host to Linux guests. “Support for more guests and for guest-to-host is planned”.

It’s better, have both to choose :D