Using Templates/layouts


im new with Yii. Before i programmed my webpages with Joomla CMS or without an cms or framework.

For my first Project i want to create a website with frontend and backend.

But there I have an understanding-problem.

Where are the differents between an template (in root/themes/) and an layout (in root/protected/views/)?

From Joomla i know it in this way:

In one directory you have an template.

In a second directory you have your webpages which would be rendered in $contend.

Why did you have pages in the template directory?

Can you help me?

refer here theming

for short :

layout is used for different views of your project , if you have multi modules you can use different layout for each module .(module can think as a subSite )

but theme can be used for different lookAndFeels of you whole application !


Yes, i knew this Link and i already read it.

But i still don’t understand.

Where are the differents between Layout and Theme.

and in which context stands it with the modules?

From CakePhp i knew you has your Pages and in an other directory you have your Themes. It’s linke skin’s for your pages.

In Yii you have your pages in the View (Layout)-Directory and in the Themes directory … :(

Sry i found out, that this is only the half truth …

To learn i downloaded some themes, to have a look, and sometimes there are pages in the theme, sometimes the theme renders the pages vom the system.

I’m confused :unsure:

Sry for my bad english

a layout in yii is like the index.php of a joomla template, where you can define all positions of your site

a viewfile of a theme in yii can override a default view