Updating values of a dropdown list with javascript

Hi there,

In a form view, I have some javascript function which returns two arrays as the result. I update values of my form after some calculation with values of one array. I wish to update a variable ($room) which is a dropdown list on my form.

Here is my code:



				$.get("index.php?r=reservation/Calcul", {brd: $("#brd").val(),rmtype: $("#rmtype").val(), nbr:nombre, dt:$("#arr").val() }, function(data) 


					var amt = nb*data.prix;

					adad = $("#add_ad").val();

					adch = $("#add_ch").val();

					amt = amt+(nb*adad*data.prixadd)+(nb*adch*data.prixadd/2);


					var myarr = data.test;










		<?php echo $form->dropDownList($model,'room',$room);?>

I wish to update the values of $room with the values of the array data.test returned by the javascript function. Can anyone please help me? Thanks