To learn new frameworks or not

Yii is the only framework I’ve worked with. However, when applying to almost all job vacancies in my area they ask me to use any other framework but Yii, especially Zend, Symfony or Laravel. I’d like to stick with Yii and not to have to learn other frameworks. And not because I dislike them, but because I don’t want to overload my head. So, should I learn new frameworks to get more job opportunities or not?

Learning new frameworks would help you to not only getting more jobs but to improve yourself as developer. Knowing Yii and something else is better than just knowing Yii, right?

But if you absolutely don’t want to learn another one, stick to Yii. There are plenty of jobs available. Look at the forum job postings, for example.

If you must, then I’d recommend Symfony - Yii uses several Symfony components already. …

It does not hurt to see how other frameworks does things - you might come to appreciate Yii more, or wish for it to have certain features.

In other words: a new outlook.