Ticketing Extension For Yii2

Hi yii users

there isnt any simple Ticketing system for yii2 ? ticketing is one of main parts of a web application , i dont know why there isnt any extension for this or i cant find it ?


I’m also searching to find a helpdesk/ticket module written in Yii2.

Any one can help?

I am looking for something similar… a good ticketing component to integrate into my system

We’ll be starting development on a ticketing module for yii2 that we intend to open-source.

The basic functionality will be targeted at implementing a simple way to report issues on an existing website.

We would show a small link on every page that would bring up a simple form.

The user fills the form and submits it along with certain info about the page he is currently on.

Operators will get notified about new tickets and will be able to see and act on them in a backend view, to see them to completion.

We are in planning stage, so if you have specific requirements it might interesting to list them in this thread.


I would love that so I could integrate it into my own system

Let me sponsor you if you want to

  • I would love email parsing in there… (creating replies by replying on the email notification, creating tickets on email sending)

  • departments

  • assinging to people

  • status

Heck… I have a whole list…


So far I have found https://github.com/istt/yii2-ticket-module

Am yet to test it but would like to know if there is any decent ticketing module out there

just found this one. Am testing https://github.com/ricco381/yii2-ticket/blob/master/README_EN.md