Things I Would Change In Wiki And In Forums

Today I wrote my first wiki how-to. I found a bug (probably not a bug but maybe a thing that should work differently), and that thing is that if I write two things in separate lines when I publish the wiki those two things appear in the same line (unless those lines of text are separated by a blank line).

For example, if I write:



It is displayed as: item1 item 2

unless I write:



Also, I think there should be an option to delete forum posts. At least in the next 15 minutes of posting it. AND also post replies should not count for the 3 post max. rule for new members. I had to sign up with two different accounts in my first day because of this issue!

WOW! Where is the fire? It’s really impressive that you have so much to say that you needed two accounts for that.

Kidding aside…

You need to understand that this forum is very moderated and used by Yii developers and it’s very popular and frequently visited but that brings some unfortunate things with it, like being on a target by SPAMers… and believe me no member of this forum likes to read or receive in him email a SPAM message from this forum.

That’s why we where forced to add some restriction that are very well described and known… so if you just register you can make 3 posts… and then wait for the other day… at that time you don’t have any restriction… so do you really have something so urgent to say that you needed a new account?

As for the wiki… when you go to create/edit a wiki… check the link "markdown syntax help" it will bring you to this page - - where all the syntax is described. For your "problem" or bug as you call it… check the point no. 5 Linebreaks

About deleting the forum topic you can just ask a topic/post to be deleted and it will be if appropriate.

It is not that hard to believe, I mean, the first day someone registers is very probable the day when he/she has the most to say. I have been using yii for some weeks and I did not register to the forums until I had to ask urgent questions.

In my case, i posted a single topic, then I replied two times to that topic and after the third reply I wanted to make my account was locked. I was not able to ask the other question I had. Anyway, I understand the reasons and I just wanted to report that as a new user 1) I had no idea of those limitations and 2) it annoyed me a lot first having to wait ten minutes to post, and noticing that I was not able to reply to my topic anymore after two replies.

But all that was just a comment, what I really wanted is to report the wiki issue. It does not happen in forum posts so I believe it is a bug.

Well, I guess that depends on the kind of users… I myself at the time when i found about Yii and started to experiment with it, I did register on the forum so I can get new posts in my email so that I can follow them and learn from them… I made my first post many months after registering… but that is not important…

The important thing would be to study a bit the forum before posting… and if there is a pinned topic with the posting guidelines to read it…

As it seems you missed it, here is the direct link to it, and there is all explained -

As for the wiki, I gave you above the answer, for writing an wiki article you need to use the markdown syntax, the forum software does not use it.

It is a known quirk in Markdown - nothing we can do about it. :)

If you need a new line, you need to make a new line twice.

Thank you.

Writing "<br>" solved the wiki issue. Knowing this now I will write better styled wikis.

My suggestion for being able to delete forum posts in the first 15 minutes (maybe with a secondary restriction of having no replies) still remains open.

Did you read completely my first comment - I answered there all your questions even the deleting of topic, there is no option for that.

For the wiki newline you need to read the page I linked above… instead of writing <br> or entering 2 newlines, it’s enough to finish the line with two spaces.

Yes I know there is no option for that. That is why I am suggesting that it would be nice if that option is added, It was just a suggestion. And you are completely right, now that I re-read your post I noticed I did not read it completely the first time (missed the last parts thinking it was part of your signature, stupid me I know, but I have been coding non stop for so many time and I start to make these stupid mistakes). I think the post I wanted to delete is already deleted so everything solved now. Topic closed.

I promisse to read more carefully next time.