"the Yii Book" Status

Thanks to everyone for their interest in "The Yii Book" and thanks, of course, to Qiang and the entire Yii development team for making such a wonderful framework.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m writing and self-publishing a book on the Yii framework which I’ve cleverly titled “The Yii Book”. I’m a marketing wiz. I’m selling the book in electronic formats as I write it. The URL for the book is http://yii.larryullman.com.

On October 30th, I released version 0.2 of the book, which includes the Introduction and Part 1 (four chapters). See the table of contents for complete details. Qiang and Alex have graciously offered to act as technical reviewers.

I’m currently working on the next update, which should be the subsequent three chapters. I’m hoping to have that posted next week. People that have already bought the book can get the new update for free, or you can buy the book at any time.

I’ll continue to post updates here as I have them. Many questions you may have are probably answered on the FAQ page.

This forum has been created specifically for issues related to this book. Although I do run my own support forums (and you are free to use them, too), this seems like the most logical place for questions and comments, as it’s the home of the Yii community.

Best wishes and thanks again,


Contents are greatly managed,

no doubt… +1 fot this :)

hope soon we can see black letter parts( part 2-4 )

Thanks! Doing my best…

I am very pleased to announce that I have officially implemented the first update of “The Yii Book”. Below are the release notes. You can download the latest version from your account page (https://yii.larryullman.com/account.php). Also, I did a quick test using the Kindle application and it did retain my notes and highlights after importing the new release. Hopefully you’ll experience the same!

As always, if you have any questions or problems, you can use the feedback form (or reply to this email). My thanks to everyone for their orders, their feedback, and their patience. Now I’m going back to writing!



Added Chapter 5, "Working with Models," (approximately 34 pages).

Fixed all the errors found in release 0.2.

Increased the font size and the margins for the PDF.

The ePub version now works in iBooks 3 and Adobe Digital Editions (Windows).

115 pages total as a PDF.

I hope a print version of this book ;) I mean I would like it. Anyway, great job Larry. The contents seem very nice. +1 for you.

Thanks! I’ll pursue a print version once the electronic version is complete. And I’ll need to decide whether to print the version for Yii 1, or if Yii 2 is close enough by then. Thanks again!

Hey Folks,

Just so you know, I’m waiting to hear back from the tech editors on Chapters 11 & 12, almost 80 pages total. Once I get their feedback, I’ll post another update. In the meantime, [size=2]I’m currently re-reading and updating the whole book to this point, cleaning it up, and adding some better formatting. I’ll also update the downloadable code for the entire book to this point.[/size]




Great Effort…thnx

Hey Larry,

Thanks so much for your books!

I just completed your Advanced PHP course over on BostonPHP - now and finally I can get back on track with your Yii Book that I purchased when you first released last year 2012.

I just logged into my yii.larryullman.com “The Yii Book” account and downloaded latest version…Wow, I didn’t realize you already have over 300 pages!

Thanks so much for this - we all deeply appreciate you and the Yii Team!! :D

Thank you very, very much! I’m glad people are interested in this book and enjoying it so far. And thanks to everyone for their patience. The book is taking longer than I’d like, but I think it’s turning out well.

Yes, 300 pages now. I expected the final version to be in the 500-600 page range, so I’m on target there.

My thanks to the Yii team, too! Without them, I’d have nothing to write about and nothing to make developing Web sites faster and easier. Well, nothing as good anyway…

[color=#333333]I’m happy to announce that a new version has been posted today. This version includes Chapter 13, “Using Extensions,” and Chapter 14, “JavaScript and jQuery.” This concludes Part 2 of the book (better late than never, eh?). Thanks to everyone for their patience and for their interest in the book![/color]

final price, and how it will be avaible. mean amazon?


Thanks, Samdark!

Yes, the book is currently available only in ebook formats, for a minimum of $20 (you can pay want you want above that amount). Right now, I have no plans to sell the book via Amazon, but you never know. Thanks for the interest!

Thanks bro… That’s just great…

I’m starting with the blog posts. So far they are great.

That’s an excellent work.

I’m currently reading Larry’s book and now I have the opportunity to learn things that I didn’t learned before.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the nice words. Very much appreciated!

The Yii book is getting better and better. Highly recommended!

Thanks! And thanks to everyone for their patience!