"the Yii Book" Status

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Haven’t heard any news for a very long time. Having a writer’s block?

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His last release was:

Just check out the Website: http://yii.larryullman.com/


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So so sorry for the delay and lack of communication. I just posted a status report. Let me know if you have any questions or just want to vent or whatever. Life is complicated…


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In case you missed it, I just officially released version 0.8 of “The Yii Book”. This includes over 55 pages of new content, which I call Chapter 19, “Extending Yii”. This is a 10% increase in the book’s total length, and by far the longest chapter in the book. You can download the latest edition on the account page.

I’m about to begin writing Chapter 20, “Working with Third-Party Libraries”. Planning on having that out in February.

In the meantime, my thanks to everyone that’s pointed out errors or points of confusion in past versions. I’ve addressed those as best as I could. Do please let me know if there are any questions or problems with this latest release.

Thanks ever so much!


Release notes:


Date published: 2014-01-31

Added Chapter 19, "Extending Yii"

Fixed all the errors found in previous releases

514 pages total as a PDF

(Masoud Sawari) #25

You are perfect. your book is wonderful and i thank you very much.

(Ednei Max) #26

Loved the book! Covers subjects from basic to more advanced topics with a simple and well detailed writing! Thank you Larry! ;)

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This book covers version 2.0 or 1.1?


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The current version covers 1.1. A future edition that will cover 2.0 will probably appear after Larry has had a change to finish this version, but I am uncertain whether that will be soon.

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i like it

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Larry has finished the book yesterday. So go and get it Yiibook.

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Thanks Larry for writing a really useful book for Yiibies

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I just posted an update of the first 200 pages for Yii 2 yesterday. You can get it at https://larry.pub and read about it here: http://www.larryullman.com/2015/06/03/first-update-of-the-yii-book-2nd-ed/ Thanks!

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Hi Larry, just wondering how the rest of the book 2 is going :D

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Any updates on how the book for Yii 2 is going and when it might be ready?

(Vara) #37

Hi Larry,

Waiting on the Yii 2.0 Version of the book … what is the ETA to the market ?

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Larry is posting updates here from time to time but it’s a better idea to email him with the question.