The Webserver Poll

We’ve got a poll regarding version control already. So let’s have one concerning webservers :D Multiple selections are possible, so you can cover all your deployments, development systems and/or even combos like nginx+Apache.

I myself am using mostly nginx and Apache (sometimes in combination). I’ve got a single installation with a rather complex Lighty+Apache setup that I hope to replace by nginx+Apache soon. For all single-purpose boxes, I’ve resorted to using nginx exclusively.

I would like to try nginx, and probably should look into IIS to get more experience with it, but I am a content Apache user. On all platforms.

Simply because it’s the most common web server.

Is Lighttp any good?

Can’t remember which one is the better of Lighttp and nginx.

Lighttpd is slightly less performant than nginx but makes up for it with (IMHO) greater vhost capabilities. I’m making the transition to nginx b/c it looks to me like nginx were seeing more dev time than Lighttpd. Also: Lighty tends to leak memory over time. It’s not as bad as some people might tell you (i.e. you won’t end up with a clogged up machine within hours). But it’s enough to make it advisable to restart the server process every few months. Sounds like a non-issue. But that’s too much for me for a box that is supposed to be left unattended most of the time ::)

Used Apache + PHP for … hmm … are it really 15 years?? Time is flying :) But recently started experimenting with nginx + php-fpm. Seems to be the new dream team.

Basically, I use apache. Both on windows and on linux. Once however, I tried yii together with php compiled as FastCGI module on an Atmel NGW100 embedded board. Not very fast, but it worked. :)

@mike: php-fpm has shown to be ~10ms slower than mod_php in my benchmarks. But it’s just great in limited environments such as VPSes.

I use Apache+nginx.

I’m using Apache, but look to apache+nginx.

I am really looking forward to see what the new Apache 2.4 release means. :)

Me too. There are some very interesting changes in v2.4. Sadly, there’s no RPM in RedHat Rawhide yet. And I do not find the time to compile it myself.

Hm. Although rpmbuild -tb should be working with the tarballs … checking

I am waiting for it being released in Arch…

Really exciting - it’s been 6 whole years! since the last major release! :D

Well, rpmbuild seems to work with the .tar.bz2. But I’ve got too many unresolved builddeps. I’ll give it another try on GoreStore (my dedicated testing range for all sorts of stuff)

Huh? Random +1? Well, enough to shoot me in the “Excellent” reputation range so I’ll gladly take it :lol:

.oO( Might be another reason to watch Wayne’s World again … )


It was (and still is) meant as an encouragement - a way to thank you for sharing your experiences with Apache 2.4.

I’ll leave you to ponder what kind of logic I am using… :P

No doubt your scandinavian influenced humour picked up on GoreStore

What I think is really happening is that I now treat any button with a + on it as a G+ plus one button. ???


I am curious about what kind of reputation a Scandinavian flavored sense of humor has in Germany. B)

It is in many ways very similar to English humor, I’ve been told.

Danish humor really doesn’t translate well to Norwegian humor… in my experience. They seem to take me literally way too often… <_<

Let’s say I had a very good laugh during Adams æbler, De grønne slagtere and I Kina spiser de hunde :D

And norwegian humour is really special. A norwegian friend of mine almost burst out of laughter during Serial Mom. Mostly because he could tell very acurately who would die next.

I agree. :)

And dig those movies too. The humor is … very special. :P

Norwegian humor is much darker than Danish humor. Not surprisingly, given that Norway is a much rougher country.

Yes, I think Død snø shows that really well :lol:

From the sound of it I’m almost certain you’ll like movies like Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and Deadheads.