The rank of member has been updated

After some times with only two kind of rank in this forum, today I’ve just realized that now the rank setting has changed. From what I see there are Newbies, Member, Standard Member, Advanced Member, and Elite Member

is there any other ranks ?? :D


This forum is more about solving problems and building a pleasant community arround our belowed framework

but to have more fun we added new levels


Junior member

Standard member

Advanced member

Master member

Elite member

Levels regards numbers of posts… but it’s more fun if you don’t know what number of posts gives what rank

yeah you’re right. So nobody will try to junk to level up… :D

I think, Elite members should get a free T-Shirt… ;D

And on the t-shit written "insane poster… I have over xxxx posts"



We’ll send you one when we’ll have Yii t-shirts ;)

I would wear it proudly - day and night. B)

Got to say: I’m a bit disappointed the required number of posts to attain “Elite Member” status isn’t 1,337 :mellow:

Agreed, this is a major oversight. :D