The first Yii book is published today

We are very pleased to announce that the first Yii book is published today! The book is titled Agile Web Application Development with Yii1.1 and PHP5. Thanks to Jeffrey Winesett for his hard work in turning this into reality. We believe this book will help people to master Yii more quickly and systematically.

The main content of this book include:

  • A step-by-step guide to creating a modern, sophisticated web application using an incremental and iterative approach to software development
  • Build a real-world, user-based, database-driven project task management application using the Yii development framework
  • Take a test-driven design (TDD) approach to software development utilizing the Yii testing framework
  • Write less code by using Yii’s application generation and scaffolding tools
  • Enhance your application by adding Web feeds, adapting it to multiple languages, and by utilizing themes to provide beautiful skins and design flexibility

If you have any questions regarding this book, please post in this forum.

Any coupon code?

Congratulations! :D

Great Job! Contratulations!

I’d like to do the same, but I never get free time :(

Fantastic, I have bought this book, it is very good, try it.

Great! Congratulations! I was looking forward for the first book on Yii!

Here is a first small review of the book.

I am very please to see this first book about Yii.

Great that there is Yii book, because I like to learn from books,but I can’t find digital version of it anywhere:(.I live in Poland, so buying from amazon would increase cost of that book, and i would have to wait for it. If there is possibility to buy digital version please let me know :).

You can buy the pdf-version here (scroll down to eBook version).

just ordered it, getting it on friday :rolleyes:

Bought both the book and the e-book :)


I bought the book as well and it’s very cool.

I’ve branched into the reading at once. :) It is very useful although I stuck on the 186th page of chapter 9.

description of my problem

Congratulation to the book. It very useful. Anyway If you like to help me in my problem, please have a look to the link above.

THX. :rolleyes:

Not only is this a highly recommended read for beginners and intermediate users to Yii but a few community members have contributed to it’s quality as being reviewers to the book.

I was unaware that there were others from the community at first but am thankful for their contributions as well as they definitely know Yii far better than myself :)

Figure I’ll give a shout out to the other two who contributed to the book :)

Thanks Jonah (Jonah Turnquist) and imehesz (Imre Mehesz), I know of the hard work you put into to making the book accurate and authentic for readers and I know many new beginners to Yii will come to appreciate your devotion to the project :)

I also hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did :)

At pages 159, 160 etc. it talks about “encryption” “md5 encryption” and so on, but that’s hashing not encryption.

i got this book… v.good book

YES IT IS :) :)

Hello Guys,

I’m Radha Iyer working with Packt, the publisher of Agile Web Application Development with Yii1.1 and PHP5 and I’m looking out for some reviewers who would be interested in reviewing this book on their website/blog and/or on Amazon. If any of you are interested, please let me know, I will be glad to send you a complimentary e-copy of the book. You can e-mail me at



Well i am reading it, i am on chapter 3, practical is v.little and theory is more, it should have more practicals too

Its nice to know that you are reading the book Salman! Once you have finished reading it, would you be interested in letting me know your comments on the book? If yes, please e-mail me with your comments once you are done.