The Filesystem Poll

In the best tradition of the webserver and the version control poll: Let’s have one concerning filesystems. As always, multiple choices are possible. If you’ve got interesting stories to share, please do so :)

To get started: I’m using NTFS exclusively on my Windows 8 workstation. ext4 has made it to my preferred fs when it comes to general purpose partitions. I had a phase where I used ReiserFS for various things: Among others, I used it for a mailserver and on my personal laptop. Poor mainline kernel support made me switch back to ext. I’ve started experimenting with XFS on disks exclusively reserved for databases with some promising results. During the Feedora 19 beta I had a look at btrfs. Found it usable without much stresstesting. However, the “let’s do everything at the fs level”-attitude of the developers scares me a bit.

NTFS and ext4 for me. Also, I’m pretty sure I have some FAT formatted USB keys >>.

Well, I left (ext)FAT out of the poll for a reason :rolleyes: