The cat died

Ok this is totally wacked out but the cat got hit by a car today. My sixteen year old daughter is just beside herself.

The cat had a great life, living in rural nova scotia, rescued from under a neighbours porch.

But how do you make sense of this? What do you tell your daughter, programming is so friggin easy by comparison.


doodle :(

i 'm so sad to hear that. hope you daughter find another cute cat.

the cat is already fullfil his life like play ball, play with u daughter, guarding, etc.

his all potential skills is already expose.

but i think i will be a programmer entire mylife…

cannot change to be a doctor, scientist or maybe a musician.

cause life is limited, only 60-70th, althought i have another interesting potential skills.

:( :( :(

Yes, for my opinion cats are most lovely creatures on the earth.

I hope that your daughter find other cute little ball of woll.

I love my ginger beauty)