Symfony2 Over Yii. Our Take On Things

Hello colleagues,

We’ve been Yii lovers for years but finally switched to Symfony2. In this regards we wrote a blog post

Don’t get me wrong. As i’m saying in the article we still has warm feelings to Yii, keep saying best regards to Yii team, they did and doing great job. It’s awesome framework, and we spent several man-years writing code with this framework, contributed number of extensions and advised many beginners cross different forums. It just doesn’t fit our needs any more. We still follow updates regarding Yii2, and was waiting for Yii2 for so long… But we have to move. And the next point in our trip is Symfony 2.

In the meanwhile waiting for Yii2. What Alexander Makarov is saying sounds really good!

Hope this article will be useful. Once again, we absolutely do not criticize Yii and always open to constructive dialogue and help.


Mike | Weavora CEO

I have yet to read the post, but it is fine :)

Libraries, frameworks - open source projects - can never cater to everyone.

Just like some people like Ruby or PHP or Python.

Or Windows versus Linux versus Mac OS X.

I know that there are a lot of zealotry among tech people - programmers are particularly prone to that!

Personally, however, I try to stay away from such fruitless religious behavior.

If they did cater for everyone they would be tasting bland, have neutral color, have dull edges, and fit equally bad for any task at hand.

So good luck with Symphony. :)

I agree. We ourselves avoid long language/framework debates. They are not very constructive and mostly come down to a matter of choice and preferences . The idea behind this blog post is just to tell a story of our transition and stumbling blocks.

Thanks for good words! :)

Wow. I really hope Yii 2 will manage to bring you back. Otherwise you were a big loss to the Yii community :mellow:

Good article and I fully understand every single point you mentioned and I am having the exact same impression. The bigger your projects get with Yii 1.1 the more these points are starting to hurt you. Especially testing, composer support and namespaces. The dependencies in Yii can make testing (useful testing that is) really hard. The environment support (production, testing, staging) has to be done manually which works, but sucks and downloading extensions via ftp or whatsoever feels like a 1998 Netscape session :).

All that being said: Yii 1.1 is simply getting old and 2.0 is going to solve 99% of these problems for me so I am really longing for it. I would not want to switch to Symfony as it feels bit too "enterprisy" but I can absolutely see the benefits.

You guys are a big loss to the community, I’ve always enjoyed your posts (e.g separating js from html) and insights. I wish you all the best and I really hope you’ll come back in a few months :)

Thanks guys :)

Well, the post is very interesting. I have to agree. Yii is greate for small-middle projects. the ORM still is a thing which I also don’t like that much in YII.

Thanks for share your experience.

like comment by "Alexander Makarov" on blog page.

now its better for every development system to move from version "1" => "2"

Not really. It will take time for 2.0 to get stable so 1.1 is the best option for now.