SUGGESTION: Change forum config to watch topics by default (on new accounts)

I think forum activity would be helped (at least going forward), if posters were auto-subscribed to the topic in which they posted, by default.

Currently you have to change the setting yourself, while it’s buried deep in your account options, so chances are not too many people are auto-notified of forum posts, meaning there are less users being prompted to return to the forum.

It’s just a small tweak that could have a good result.

Unfortunately, there is no such option in the admin console.

Hi qiang, I dunno what version of IPBoard you have installed, but here’s a blog post detailing that advanced notification controls are available in 3.1 :wink:

As of this moment, the boards are offline at Invision Power, so here’s the post:

We’re using 3.0.x currently. I will find time to upgrade it.

Actually, 3.1 is still under development. So we need to wait…

Bah, sorry qiang, didn’t realize 3.1 wasn’t out yet. At least we know it’s coming :slight_smile: