Status Update Yii 2

Is it possible to get an update of the development status of Yii 2.0?

Alpha in progress.

Perfect, I can’t wait until a pre-release version comes available!

Some details are available here:

I develop software. You release a 1.0 version, 1.1, 1.2 etc. then comes the day when you want to revamp your project and release a “version 2”. Well, most of the times I never completed a “version 2”. Because you want to add so much features that it’s never complete. I’ve the impression that Yii 2 is on this path. In Italian we say “fare il passo più lungo della gamba” which roughly translates into “take a step longer than the leg”.

Maybe you should release a 2.0 version with new features like the new event system etc. and delay some features to a 2.5 version, I keep reading things like "this is planned", "that is planned", there are too many planned things, this way Yii 2 will be released in year 2023.

Just my 2 cents.

Is it possible to update the roadmap on the framework download page?

Onman, what do you want to see there? Info is up to date, I think.

"Mum, are we there yet?"



But to be serious: Just because a project exceeds a “sort of planned/guessed date” doesn’t mean it will fail, although, that’s what a lot of people feel and because of that companies tend to publish software that’s not ready yet (see Microsofts Win 2000, Vista etc.) just to please their customers. I am glad to see that the opposite is true for Yii. Qiang is focused on quality, not on due dates and that is important (and he’s too experienced to be infected by “featuritis” I guess).

So don’t stress the team, give them the time they need to do their job :)

I’ve got to disagree, software goes through planning phase where enhancements are planned and implemented. Really the only thing they are guilty of is communication. What needs to happen is the entire planning process needs to be logged somewhere (preferable a wiki/tracking type system) so people can see what is planned and maybe even offer suggestions, forum is getting a little cluttered.

Then at some point the 2.0 release needs to be locked (so all confirmed changes will be done) and no more can be suggested. This usually will be the alpha for suggestions, beta for bug fixing with minor improvements, rc bug fixes only, final. This is a typical software development process, i would said Yii’s still in the alpha stage.

The last update on the progress is of may. I’m guessing the Yii team has progressed quite a bit since May.

Some items were listed as ‘to be done’ at that time. Which ones are done? Is the bulk of the development done yet, or are there some time consuming topics to be started later on? Have you started testing with the goal to release the framework (alpha version) or are you still developing additional functionality? Do you already have a release date/month for the alpha version in mind?

Don’t take me wrong, I don’t want to stress the team (as Haensel suggested). Instead I’m looking for information.

I agree with Haensel and Jaggi. The core team never suffered from feature creep, they won’t start doing it now. I’m sure that they’re taking care of good design and quality.

The time they’re taking to get Yii 2.0 to the first development release is the time that is needed to be taken.

Thank you for your patience. Just to let you know that our development on Yii 2 has never stopped.

As I have explained before, Yii 2 is not a simple translation of Yii 1 with namespaced classes. We are trying to make Yii 2 something that you feel right about in nearly every detail. We are not adding many new features. Instead we are mainly redesigning existing classes so that they are easier to use and more flexible to customize. It often takes us a lot of time in thinking and discussion before we set to write code. Another factor affecting the progress of Yii 2 is our availability. Every core developer has his own business to take care of, and none of us is working full time on Yii (even though sometimes we do so as a matter of fact.)

Please go on developing a high-quality product. Time is not important.

I hope only it will be retro-compatible with 1.1.12 because we’are working on a 3-year project … and we’ll want to keep updated all of our tools, Yii included.

It’s already been stated there will be compatibility issues with 1.x and 2.x. So either way you will have to do some code migration to move from 1.x to 2.x. Hopefully there should be some good documentation to make that an easier process.

We’ll, of course, try to document a possible migration path but can’t promise it will be painless.

My opinion is that a codebase change from V1 to V2 is so great, that its asking for troubles if you want to migrate. You’ll probably need extensive testing to make sure your app works the same as before.

I recommend that you start to create Unit Tests (PHPUnit) and Functional Tests(Silenium) if you haven’t already. That will help ease any migration process significantly.

Yes, we have a very very large set of UT. It’s a start condition for a multi-year project

For function test, :), we use a very stupid pc user paid for simply do things like he thing … so bad behaviours are catched in about a 90% of cases … eh eh eh — :lol:

silenium is actually studied from someone ‘over’ me. So it’s not my decision.

But, please, go on documenting. I’m 100% sure we’ll migrate 1.x to 2.0.

I’ve been following closely the updates in Yii 2 roadmap wiki page, and I’ve seen a lot of updates of work done lately. I’d just like to thank and congratulate all the Yii team for the hard work.

I’m aware that after alpha we’re looking at a beta, RC and then final release, but here’s what I was thinking:

We’ve been planning a rewrite of one of our applications. Seeing as the rewrite would start within the next couple of months and would last around 4-6 months I had been thinking that we could wait for Yii2 alpha and then progress with our developments along side that of Yii2 (helping in the process with whatever issues there may be). And finally release our app after Yii2 final release.

Our dates aren’t fixed as our current Yii 1.1.x based webapp does what it should (mostly). We can easily push our dates back a bit if that can prevent us from having to rewrite in Yii 1.1.x and then migrate to Yii 2 which would be painful (and probably take longer anyways)

So I was wondering if any of the Yii team could let me know if this planning of mine is doable or if I’m being delusional with the time frames. Obviously I’m not asking for any commitment to a date. I’m aware you want to do it right no matter the time, and that your availability is limited to get there. All I need to know is if I’m completely bonkers if I try and do it this way or if there is -some- likely hood it’s doable.

I think you are being slightly delusional. ;)

I would not hold off any new projects in anticipation of the alpha/beta release of Yii2 because I know that it’s not going to be the final, bug-free version.

I also know that I can branch off my existing projects easily and perform the necessary Yii2 re-factoring in parallel to maintaining those projects.

So I would just start my new projects using Yii 1.x, and worry about Yii2 when it’s relevant to do so.