Soon be very popular (web technology)

Hi all,

Please tell me what in your opinion the most advanced web technology?

I think "canvas" will soon be very popular


// I use a translator to communicate with you

I dont think it will be very popular. Why?

a) Speed

B) Size

c) ( Iam not quit sure ) It need javascript functions which are not supported on all browsers

But it looks good ^^

Canvas promised support OpenGL that would create a 3d application in your browser. In my opinion this is an excellent starting point for hundreds of projects.

PS speed is much faster than the Flash

Please announce the list of promising young web technology (in your opinion)

HMM difficult question, but I think we will see things like this:

Link everything, all words are linked to somewhere, which leads to other websites. Think of a google/ wiki combination. All words in a text are then clickable. Only some "special" links are highlighted.

This will be integrated into semantic web technology's. 

You will not be able to protect you from "data mining". Only if you disable javascript. By useing javascript/ pictures and "soap" like services.

The way it goes could look like this:

You visit a website, this website loads via javascript a "random" picture. For example: srg3t4g4.gif. the other server serve this picture. And stores your requested picture. With your ip. Then another javascript search this picture and sends this information to the "real" website. Which sends a server side request to the picture provider. Asking for picture IDs and user information. ( Hope you could unterstand my bad english *g )

Users will be able to share information "within" websites. Which uses services like facebook and a server side request to a middle man "provider". Then you could write for example private messages to facebook users, videos, files, or comments aboout a website, or page.

Server will undersntad what they will "see" in videos. Checking for illegal content. Or you could use a webcam to "control" a website. with gestures. ( 2D detection of movement of hands via ONE webcam was long developed and is now "productive" )

Against this we will see: Content detection software, which detects "private" breaches on behavior patterns. And send useless infos or blocks it.

In five years we will see 3D web. We need just someone who writes a new "html" for 3D data sending. Which could look like this:

Pyramid's for files, Quadratics for pictures, Circles for communication, lanes for different parts of the system or other websites.

Soon we will see compressed files for "all-in-one" websites. Including pictures, videos, texts and so on. Why? Cause it is faster: One big file is faster transmitted, and more and more people are using the internet, while the "backbone" doesnt grow so fast. So traffic prices will increase in the next years. To counter this we will need to compress the data ( Or go the easy way to pay for the website, which happens now/soon )

Thank you for your complete answer! :)

I’ll take usability over 3d any day.  ;D

Looks neat though.

This is not a question of “visual”. Data is still viewed 2D like tables websites and so on. But navigation between data and websites will be 3D someday :)