Some questions about this YII website

Hi All

  1. is powered by what? A Yii CMS or custom code?

  2. Can anyone tell me the links found on the bottom are static pages or modules?


About Yii  (

Features   ( 

Performance (

License     ( 

Contact Us  (
  1. How to create the nice looking sub menu horizontal tab upon clicking on "About"?

This tab below the yii logo :

About (not clickable grey) | About Yii | Features | Performance | License | Contact Us


  1. By Yii itself I think. Maybe with some custom site editing features but not sure cause the site content is not changing to often so it is not really needed.

  2. In my opinion they are static pages.

  3. There are some extension with which you can achive such a menu

Extension: search "menu"

It’s custom Yii code. :)

The buttons?

You can use CSS3:


Thank You!

I must say the Yii team have done great things and a lot more when they could have just use a ready CMS.

My greatest respect to all developers of Yii and its helpful forum members.