SOLVED: Signing into with forum account.

I’ve posted to the forums, I’ve changed my password to make sure I got it right, and I still can’t seem to login to the main site. Is there some limitation to username or password for the main site that isn’t a limitation on the forum?

I’m sorry to have to ask such a stupid question. ;) Thanks.

As I remember, the first password is what you should use with website.

I changed my password to what it always was. I have always had a problem signing into the main site. Is it spaces in my user name? Special characters in my password? What is it that is causing the problem?

I remember you need 5 posts before you can login. So go ahead… ;)

Mike I have proof now you need 1 :P

Hehehe, it feels like you would enjoy to proof me wrong lately, Herr Kommissar ;D

I had read that 1 post was required, but seeing as no one has offered any other suggestions yet, this is #4.

The solution is that your password cannot contain ‘!’ and probably any other special character. So much for security.