[SOLVED] Codeception test fail for LoginCest

I would like to use different model for LoginCest from frontend/tests/.

I have the following test within LoginCest:



namespace frontend\tests\functional;

use frontend\tests\FunctionalTester;

use common\fixtures\Clients as ClientFixture;

class LoginCest


    function _before(FunctionalTester $I)



            'clients' => [

                'class' => ClientFixture::className(),

                'dataFile' => codecept_data_dir() . 'login_data.php'





    protected function formParams($email, $password)


        return [

            'ClientLoginForm[email]' => $email,

            'ClientLoginForm[password]' => $password,



    public function checkEmpty(FunctionalTester $I)


        $I->submitForm('#login-form', $this->formParams('', ''));

        $I->seeValidationError('Email cannot be blank.');

        $I->seeValidationError('Password cannot be blank.');


    public function checkWrongPassword(FunctionalTester $I)


        $I->submitForm('#login-form', $this->formParams('admin@admin.com', 'wrong'));

        $I->seeValidationError('Incorrect email or password.');


    public function checkValidLogin(FunctionalTester $I)


        $I->submitForm('#login-form', $this->formParams('test@test.com', '123456'));

        $I->see('Logout (test@test.com)', 'form button[type=submit]');

        $I->dontSeeValidationError('Incorrect email or password.');






However, when I run the test, I keep on seeing the following:

<img src='http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='8)' /> LoginCest: Check valid login

 Test  tests/functional/LoginCest.php:checkValidLogin

 Step  Have fixtures {"user":{"class":"common\\fixtures\\User","dataFile":"\/var\/www\/test\/frontend\/tests\/_data\/user.php"}}

 Fail  Failed asserting that any element by 'form button[type=submit]' on page /enter/login 

+ <button class="btn btn-primary" name="login-button" type="submit">Login</button>

contains text 'Logout (test@test.com)'

Scenario Steps:

 4. $I->see("Logout (test@test.com)","form button[type=submit]") at tests/functional/LoginCest.php:46

 3. $I->submitForm("#login-form",{"ClientLoginForm[email]":"test@test.com","ClientLoginForm[password]":"123456"}) at tests/functional/LoginCest.php:45

 2. $I->amOnRoute("site/login") at tests/functional/LoginCest.php:18

 1. $I->haveFixtures({"clients":{"class":"common\\fixtures\\Clients","dataFile":"\/var\/www\/test\/frontend\/tests\/_data\/login_data.php"}}) at tests/functional/LoginCest.php:17

Which says that I using different fixture, which is why the last test is failing with correct login details, because it must look in the clients table, but instead it is looking in users.


Any suggestions?

Why is it using common\\fixtures\\User when I changed it do Clients? And how to change it to a different user class? Let’s say Clients or so.

What am I doing wrong in LoginCest model?

I use two different classes for frontend and backend and don’t know how to fix problem about frontend, it is just forcing to use User class.

Alright, problem is fixed, it was regiarding the configuration of user login (username and password were incorrect).