Shared Hosting Providers supporting Yii


Can anyone suggest good shared hosting providers who provide a PHP configuration which is compatible with Yii. I am based in Ireland and local providers don't seem to enable PDO support unless you go for a virtual or dedicated server.

I am looking at web hosting packages but need to confirm if they support Yii.



I do not use it, but looks great!!! (I plan to use in the near future)

Thanks for the info,

Looked at it but it doesn't say anything about supporting PDO.


I've heard bad things about godaddy

I use dreamhost and it works fine with Yii

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Thanks Jonah

PS. Is there a reason why many hosting providers don't support PDO?



I do not use it, but looks great!!! (I plan to use in the near future)

The site is requesting the tool to be executed, but it is actually a trojan horse.

dreamhost has a one year free promotion ggogle it.

thanks mocapapa!!!

I will never test

To the rest: Sorry for the recomendation… :(

I just found the list of the hosts who is providing php as well as mysql for FREE and with NO ads(?). As I am trying one of them, I will be reporting if I make a success.…ql-database.php

One candidate is the I have tried to install yii and blog demo that works perfect except one. There is a limit for the file size of 500K and only one file exceeds. :cry:

Another results of the free web hosting services being compatible to the yii. There are many restrictions for the file type, thus blog demo does not work. Error (PDO.php does not exist)

Have a look at

Not free but very affordable. Currently satisfies the requirements except for caching and PostgreSQL .


Thanks, it may be a useful information to all :). As I cannot try the non-free host easily, I’ll be continuing to report the free service.


One candidate is the I have tried to install yii and blog demo that works perfect except one. There is a limit for the file size of 500K and only one file exceeds.

I have escaped this by splitting the file into two files whose size is less than 500K.

The blog demo works fine, though the other demo of my own does not work because of lacking the mysql pdo drivers. So, I recommend to use sqlite on the host .

BTW, on this host, I have encountered following error when I had tried to display ‘requirements’. I am guessing that the dirname may return wrong path information because of the limitation (I mean jail) of the hosting service. I am not sure why the blog demo works though entry scripts of both are using dirname.  ???


Warning: require(/home/www/ [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/ on line 207

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/www/' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5/share/pear') in /home/www/ on line 207

The problem that I had experienced has been resolved. :D It may came from an incomplete file transmission.

Finaly, the “requirements” page works here, and the blog demo works there.

Anyway I recommend to use the "" if you do not want to pay a penny. One big disadvantage is that the host does not support PDO MySQL extension of the PHP, though it supports MySQL database as well as phpMyAdmin :cry: You should use SQLite instead.

Another free hosting service that yii can run is

This is the requirements, and the blog demo is working with a MySQL. On the contrary to the agilityhoster that I had posted previously, this host does not support SQLite PDO but MySQL PDO. Unlike to the agilityhoster, as there is no upper limit such as 500Kbyte in this service, you do not have to split a certain file into two pieces.

hi guys,

just want to know: is there a chance that Yii will also use php_mysql beside php_pdo_mysql in its database connection?


Another small benefit of "byethost" over "agilityhoster" is the locale. On "agilityhoster", we cannot chose the locale other than C while we can chose many locales on "byethost".

Is there any list of hosting that is sure to work? I almost went with godaddy untill see this thread :P

I was with dreamhost before but they give me too much which I dont need ;) I just use a little bw / diskspace… and dreamhost always was pretty slow in europe/asia.

Does anybody have experience with a2:

It looks like it supports all… and they offer php 5.3 which is very tempting :)

Hi there! i got an CException,


The "oauth" extension is not loaded. Please install and/or load the oath extension (PECL).

in Dreamhost, i am connecting Yii with Twitter using the Pogostick Yii Extensions Library. I’m refering tutorial “How To Connect With Twitter From Yii” -

please help.

byethost, but i don’t know to configure ‘htaccess’ file to displayed my homepage.

I always get error :"500" and it provide to me a solution is added "php_error on" value into my htaccess file. I done it, but not work.

Can you help me,please?