Shared Hosting Providers supporting Yii

HostGator works well for us.

In htaccess, add this line:

RewriteBase /

Have tried 0fees, Byethost, Siteground, iWeb, and Just Host. Yii works well with all of them so far.

there is always PHPPDO which emulates PDO with standard connection libraries (I would event suggest using this instead of PDO_OCI which is not supported by Oracle, misses many features and event contains some bugs…)

I wouldn’t recommend shared hosting for any PHP app, especially when there are affordable VPS options available. VPS is a lot better option than shared, because you get dedicated server that is scalable. If you don’t have sysadmin skills to setup a VPS and install the stack, then you can use tool, like Cloudways PHP hosting, where you get instant server with pre-installed stack and packages.

If you are starting a new project, it’s strongly recommended to use a Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting By using a Dedicated server, you’ll get a lot more freedom over the server. You’ll be able to safely upgrade, and it’s much safer from malware and hacker attacks. Shared hosting is okay for small projects and personal use, but for business, it’s not worth it.