Selling Own Php Scripts - Is That A Good Way To Earn Money?


I am wondering if selling own scripts (written in php) is a good way to get extra money from a webdeveloper work. I’m sure it’s quite a good idea (it’s only my opinion so if you think against me explain it). I see a one weak point there: if you sell your script to somebody then you have to be aware then your script can be pushed on Internet as a free download package (I mean bittorrent … etc.). For your product it means an end of his life (and end of earn money).

How to avoid publishing our work on free services I mentioned above? How to licence a php script to make a clear information to users of our scripts about consequence of publishing on bittorrent (and similar services)?

  1. You can’t really prevent your code from leaking. Once you put it on sale (and it’s good enough) consider that it will appear at warez underground 3 to 4 weeks after and will go public in 2 or 3 months. That’s how scene works.

  2. From my experience encoding with IonCube and stuff does help but scares out most of your potential users.

  3. You can double-licence it so for personal use it will be free and for commercial use entities will pay for code and support. Works if your product big and complex enough.

  4. Instead of exposing code you can do it as SaaS. i.e. expose services, not code, take money for the job service does. It should be really valuable job to actually work.

Thanks samdark! I was afraid about publication a source code by my clients but I didn’t know that it can be so fast! I don’t consider IonCube - I know problems with that. SaaS it’s so long way to get lots of users if you haven’t enough money to make a good marketing (anyway I think that SaaS it’s the best option).

I’m going to sell my products on CodeCanyon. What do you think about this kind of market? Do you have some experience to that?

Never used it personally.

So I’ll see how it works! :slight_smile: