Selenium Functional Testing Keypressnative Method Not Working Properly/consistently

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Setup Details:

Netbeans: 7.3.1

phpunit: 3.7.28

selenium-server: 1.0.3

google-chrome: Version 31.0.1650.57

OS: Ubuntu 13.04

I am using the method $this->keyPressNative(“88”) that should type “x” on the textfield, sometimes it is working but sometimes it doesn’t work. Below is the part of the code that does not work. I am using this keypressnative method to simulate user typing in search textfield, where the textfield has javascript keydown event.

        if ($this->isTextPresent('Search'))


        $this->waitForTextPresent('Find a');

        //find record that does not exist "x"

        //$this->waitForTextPresent('Find a');

        //while ($this->waitForTextPresent('No results found.')) {

        $this->type('name=keyword', '');



        $this->waitForTextPresent('No results found.');

If you guys have any idea or any work around to fix this issue, that would be great. Thanks!