script for menu

I want to create a menu like the (left as we see) menu of

Do you know a script for this?

I use prototype but any suggestion will be helpfull.

I mean a script that make the menu to stay even we use the scrollbar of the brownser.

Check the source of that page… search for the word "menu"… and you will find that it includes jqueryslidemenu.js… could be that?

Basically I want a javascript that make the menu not to move when we go down (or up) the page.

Try to see the footer of the page and you will understand.

I will search also what can do the jqueryslidemenu.

I understood you completely and saw what this menu does on that page, what I’m telling you is to check the source of that page… to see how this is done… as when it comes to javascript/jQuery… you can get all the source code… :D

I also find a script that make something simiral

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