Satus of Yii

Hi Qiang, Wei, pestaa, jonah, sebas and whoopass!!!

I want to know the status of all of you…

I’m reading the topics almost every day (not participating so much really, but answering some question sometimes, or making questions other times). The participation on the forum of each of you makes me a better programmer (at least in yii). But ultimately (to be honest) I don’t see soo much participation of all of you (except of Qiang).

I’m not trying to ofend any of you.

What I imagine is that all of you are full of work in yii to make it better and better!!! (which is very good)

So, I want to know:

What are the actual task of everyone of you? I mean, what are every of you actually doing in yii? (not yours duties, but your actual task)

Sincerely, I hope this don’t offend any of you!

I’m just a fan of Yii and I’m (very) happy with the actual dev team!!!

You may find the duties of each team member at

While we try in every aspect to devote our time to Yii, it is possible that during period of time, we have to take care of our main business (college study, full time job, etc.) and couldn’t answer forum posts as actively as we used to.

Yii is still being actively developed, as you may tell from our regular releases and SVN activities. So don’t worry.